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Romantique One Sheet Version _7.jpg

Romantique (2022)

Starring: Adrian Amador, Selin Cohadoroglu
Director: Hatuey Rodriguez
Producer: Savannah Edmonson
Cinematographer: Craig Lief
Official Selection
2022 Santa Barbara Film Awards
2022 Bowery Film Festival
2022 Amsterdam Short Film Festival
2022 New York Independent Cinema Awards
2022 Boston Independent Film Awards
2022 Vegas Shorts
Best Student Film - 2022 Santa Barbara Film Awards
Best Student Film - 2022 Vegas Shorts
Climax Poster W: Laurels.jpg

Climax: or Sex in the Age of Fidel (2019)

Starring: Stefia Sloan, Andi Rexha
Director: Hatuey Rodriguez
Producer: Levi Tariff
Cinematographer: Jairong "Chrissy" Lu
Official Selection
2021 Santa Fe Film Festival
2021 Nassau Film Festival
Princeton Tiger Award - 2021 Nassau Film Festival
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